Aircraft Details

  • Year: 2006
  • Make/Model: Comco Ikarus C42B2 600 kg
  • Registration Number: OH-U511
  • Power: Piston
  • Engines: 1 Engine
  • Listing ID: 4126715
  • Partner ID: 57675
  • Posted On: Dec 5, 2023
  • Updated On: Jan 19, 2024


Refabricated to new higher MTOW UL Class.
This plane has a max payload of 251kg
- Plane was dismatled and rebuild
- Worn parts replaced factory new (Comco "Mekano" construction)
- Plane is firm, balanced and uplifted with factory later launched MTOM and other upgrade kits.
- Plane behaves close like new (in some extent better) (Original airworthy and good condition parts some cases might show the timelapse.)

Airplane time state:
Frame has 4000hrs.
The Rotax 912 ULS 100hp engine changed to only TSO 230hrs flown. Propeller 450hrs Neuform CR3 with reinforced leading edges. Plane has valid ARC


Flight and engine monitoring instruments have been cheked. Funke 833 Oled radio and TRT800 transponder installed. Plane has been rented to highly evaluated Club for summer and returning this month. New AvMap EKP V will be installed.


Interior renewed and uplifted. New design soft central seat cushions with both sides pockets. Interior is tidy and peaceful.


Everything cleaned, painted and polished in fuselage. Mainly all wing and empennage covers have been replaced to factory new.
Totally new and stronger Optical scratch and fuel reistant windscreen and door side windows with sliding hatches installed.
New Thiessen Epta-NG bright navi lights with Flarm- option installed.

Additional Features

Engine mount has been changed to the rigid factory update tubular frame type. This changes the habitus of the plane greatly. Compared to Normal C42B, plane became quieter, less vibrations and even more accurate to steer.
Battery is in the rear (option for second battery below seats.
Charging points at the rear end of fuselage.

All in all plane is now ready for the new long life at new UL class., With better range possibilities and with the over 250kg loading capability the new updated C42B will serve as stable, variable use plane individuals and clubs for decades to come.
The ease to maintain economically and handle in air has made C42 the market leader in many places.
The new aviation rules and and with wise Comco-Ikarus factory upgrades Ikarus can now offer new full versatile lifespan to older timeless Ikarus birds.
Ikarus has been the sole market leader in Finland over 20 years. It is our privilege to upgrade the strong oldies to the New UL class for new era and serve the Ikarus fans at our LAFI-WorkShop (Light Aviation Finland@)

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