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  • Price: Call for Price
  • Year: 2018
  • Make/Model: Pipistrel Panthera
  • Registration Number: S5-MTR
  • Power: Piston
  • Engines: 1 Engine
  • Class: Ultralights
  • Listing ID: 4127069
  • Partner ID: 57726
  • Posted On: Dec 5, 2023
  • Updated On: Dec 5, 2023


Unique 4-seater with attractive design and efficient performance!
The sky has opened-up like never before and borders are falling every day. The need of traveling long distance, quickly and efficiently has never been greater. Imagine an airplane, that can fully take advantage of small, short-runway airfields that bring you closer than ever to your destination or fly around the world and open a whole new world of opportunities. Panthera is an airplane that is carefully designed to keep you safe, comfortable, being at the same time quiet and friendly to the environment. It is an innovative airplane, which instantly catches attention.
Panthera has been designed from the very beginning to be available with either electric motor, hybrid propulsion or petrol engine in this case Pipistrel decided for Mogas fuel due to lower price and better availability in several parts of the world comparing to Avgas.

It is important to highlight Panthera key outstanding characteristics

Airplane time state:
280 Hours
Engine Lycoming IO-540


Garmin G3X MFD GDU 460 PFD Garmin G3X MFD GDU 460 MFD Garmin G3X dual-axis autopilot + panel (2x GSA 28 and GMC 307) Garmin GMA 35 - Integrated Audio System with Intercom Garmin GTN 750 (GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD) Garmin GTN 650 (GPS / NAV / COMM / MFD) Garmin GTX 33ES - Mode C Transponder with Altitude Encoder ELT Artex 345 (fixed) Garmin GSU 25 ADAHRS (2x) Garmin GEA 24 Engine Indication System (EIS) Garmin GMU 22 Magnetometer Garmin GAD 29 GPS/Navigation Data Interface Adapter Mid Continent MD302 Backup instrument Cabin heat control panel Trim and ventilation display Garmin GAP 26 Heated Pitot + AoA indication Sensors (OAT) and Antennas (COM, XPDR, ELT etc.)

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