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  • Listing ID: 4554203
  • Partner ID: 86681
  • Posted On: Feb 21, 2024
  • Updated On: Feb 24, 2024


KIT IS IN THE EAST COAST not California Complete Highlander including, Airplane frame, 13 gallon aluminum wing tanks, Fiberglass wing tips ,Streamline struts, Aluminum trailing edges for wings includes,Flaps and ailerons, Fiberglass leading edges for flaps and ailerons, Aluminum turtledeck, Fabric and fabric adhesive, Structural adhesive

Deluxe Interior - Deluxe Carpet, Side Panels, Firewall, Baggage Area and Deluxe seats, Black Powdercoating, Large Elevator/Rudder(Balanced),Welded Doors/Windows and Vortex Generator, SuperStol Tail Wheel Assembly, no tirers

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