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Aircraft Details

  • Price: $360,000
  • Year: 1973
  • Make/Model: Cessna 185F Skywagon
  • Registration Number: N98JB
  • Power: Piston
  • Engines: 1 Engine
  • Class: Utility
  • Listing ID: 4567973
  • Partner ID: 86707
  • Posted On: Feb 27, 2024
  • Updated On: Mar 16, 2024


Aircraft Total Time: 5322 Hours
Engine Time: 95 Hours on IO-550 Continental Reman' with new FWF by Tim's Aircraft
Propeller Time: 380 hours Since new on reversible three blade MT prop

Annual Due: July 2024
Useful Load: 1404 Lbs


Full Garmin touch screen panel
28 volt system
Garmin 10 inch G3X with AOA, HITS and synthetic vision
Garmin GFC 500 Autopilot
Garmin G5 back-up Horizon
Garmin GMA 340 Audio panel
Garmin GNX 375 LPV navigator with ADSB in and out
Garmin GNX 255 digital Nav/com with ILS
Garmin GTR 255 digital Com
Electronics International CGR-30P Engine analyzer
Electronics International CGR-30C Fuel management computer
406 ELT
Avionics master switch
Dual USB power outlets
All new panel
All new switches


Two tone side panels and cream/tan seats in matching leather. Very good throughout. Overall rated 8 out of 10.


White upper, red lower with gray and black minor accents in very attractive custom scheme. Overall rated 8+ out of 10.

Additional Features

Factory float kit
Long range fuel
McFarlane Stainless steel cables
Lifting rings
Firewall forward under cowling is all new
Factory corrosion proofing
Seaplanes West engine mount
Acorn welding exhaust
Surefly electronic Emagneto
Airwolf remote oil filter
New electric fuel pump
New airforms engine baffles
New McFarlane prop' throttle and mixture controls
Bubble windows
"Hockey Stick" Tail AD complied with
All new McFarlane nylon bushings
McFarlane trim jackscrews
McFarlane aluminum trim wheel
Kenmore 206 middle row seat STC
P-Ponk gear leg beef-up kit
BAS shoulder harnesses
Extended baggage
BAS tailcone lift handles
Cessna anti-slip seat arrestor belt
Door stewards
Airframes Alaska tailwheel stinger
Airframes Alaska ABI-3400 Tailwheel
LED Lights throughout
Horizontal stabilizer abrasion boots
Vortex ganerators
850x6 main tires
Eagle fuel drains
Oil quick drain
Floor mats

This is the first factory built and released 1973 Cessna 185F. It was built in 1965 and used as a Cessna model year platform for 7 years. It was sold new in 1973 as a 185F with the cuffed wing and landing lights in the nose. It has had a fairly recent 15 minutes of fame and is incredibly well equipped. The MT Prop has a reversing feature that generates zero or reverse thrust which is very useful on floats where there are no brakes. Very minor early damage history.

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