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Aircraft Details

  • Price: $6,900,000
  • Year: 1997
  • Make/Model: Antonov An-74-100 Coaler
  • Airport Code: LZTN
  • Serial Number: 471.95
  • Listing ID: 5312040
  • Posted On: Apr 17, 2024
  • Updated On: May 21, 2024


Our company offers for sale 2 An-74TK-100 aircraft, manufactured in 1991 , 1997. 2 aircraft have undergone deep modernization, and are fully ready to fly. More detailed information can by these phone numbers +34664543312 (Whatsapp) +995595470032 (whatsapp) mail to send a LOI request

Additional Features

Light convertible transport airplane AN-74TK-100 is a modification (variant)
of the transport airplane AN-74 for the Arctic and the Antarctic. The aircrafts of the
type considered are intended for transportation of passengers, cargo and machinery in
the small- and medium-haul lines.
The aircraft AN-74TK-100 meets the Airworthiness Codes for Civil Airplanes
applicable to the baseline airplane AN-74, has an Airworthiness Certificate (Type
Certificate) No. 13-74 dated 02.08.1991 and supplements to the Type Certificate No.
13-74/03 and 13/74/04.
The airplane is built as a high-wing aircraft with two fan-type engines D-36
series 2A or D-36 series 3A with a takeoff thrust of 6,500 kgf each, installed over the
wing, and T-shaped empennage. The airplane is designed for takeoffs and landings
from/to small-scale airfields (from 800 meters and more).
The airplane can transport up to 52 passengers or up to 10,000 kg of cargo, as
well as some combinations of passengers and cargo. Re-equipment of the airplane
transport cabin according to the specified application variants shall be carried out by
the operator's forces and means in minimal time.
The airplane crew consists of a pilot-in-command, a co-pilot, a navigating
officer, and a panel operator; if necessary, one person of the attending personnel - a
steward (for passenger's variant) or transport equipment operator (for cargo variant).
The crew cabin is located in the fuselage nose section; the rest part houses a
utility compartment and a passenger's (cargo) compartment. The cargo hatch opening
is covered with a ramp that can be lowered to the ground and used as a stairway, or
shifted forward under the fuselage to ensure convenient loading of the airplane directly
from the truck body. A complex of transport equipment is used on the airplane for
loading cargoes into the A/C.
High power-to-weight ratio, availability of the auxiliary power unit (APU) onthe airplane for independent start-up of engines and on-board handling means, high
location of engines and landing gear design with the low-pressure tires provide
independent operation of the airplane both on the aerodromes with paved runways and
on the natural ground, pebbled, ice and snowed up runways