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  • Price: $119,000
  • Year: 1967
  • Make/Model: Cessna 182K Skylane
  • Registration Number: N2626R
  • Power: Piston
  • Engines: 1 Engine
  • Class: Personal Transport
  • Listing ID: 5537695
  • Partner ID: 87291
  • Posted On: May 3, 2024
  • Updated On: May 4, 2024


This 182K has an outstanding maintenance history and has been very well cared for by its current long-term owner.

There's not one aircraft that "does it all", but many pilots will agree that a Cessna 182 does most everything quite well and economically. Relative to the market, a 182 can be acquired for a reasonable price, it carries a respectable payload, it has a good cruise speed, it can fly slowly when needed, and it fits in as well in the backcountry as it does at the local grass strip or paved runway. The 182 also makes a fantastic platform for serious upgrades in power, as well as in backcountry capabilities - there are many STCs available for the tried-and-true Cessna 182.

This clean Skylane has been with the same owner for nearly 30 years. The owner knows the aircraft probably better than most any IA would, and has taken special interest in making everything "right" since day one. The maintenance schedule on N2626R has been rigorous, with nothing left behind. Many maintenance tasks have been done either ahead of schedule or simply because the owner felt better about getting it done immediately. A deep review of the logbooks show a lot of proactive maintenance activity over the years.

If you are looking for a STOL-capable aircraft, N2626R is well on the way to being a real performer in the backcountry. The Horton STOL upgrade altered the leading edge of the wing, providing better aircraft control at low speeds and, most importantly, an extra margin of safety. This is one of the more expensive and invasive STOL upgrades, one which many 182 owners wish they had on their aircraft.

Aircraft based at KPRC Prescott Regional Airport (56 nm NNE of Phoenix Sky Harbor)
Current long-term ownership in Arizona
Engine compressions 76/70/76/76/77/74
Camguard used regularly at oil changes
Factory Long Range tanks (84 gal)
Newer interior (2014)
Horton STOL Craft - added safety margin
Solid, proactive maintenance history
Complete logs from day one, digitized and available for viewing upon request
No NTSB damage history
Always hangared, no corrosion
Very minor hail damage, difficult to spot
All ADs c/w

Total Time (TTAF): 5240 hrs

Engine Time Since Major (SMOH): 1765 hrs
Engine Time Since Top Overhaul (STOH): 575 hrs
Engine TBO (Continental O-470-R): 1500 hrs

Hrs Since Overhaul (SPOH - 1996): 1360 hrs


Garmin GNC250 NAV/COM w/ GPS (VFR)
Narco Mk 12D+ NAV/COM (w/ memory)
Narco IDEM 890 Remote-channeled DME w/ VOR-ILS indicator
STEC 60-2 2-axis autopilot w/ electric and auto trim
Garmin GTX335 Transponder w/ ADS-B OUT
Garmin GDL50 ADS-B IN
Shadin Mini-Fuelflo System
3M Stormscope WX-10A
Bendix-King KMA24 Audio Panel
Standby Electric Horizon
Telex 4-place Intercom
Dual USB ports


INTERIOR - 8.5/10 N2626R's carpet, seats and side panels were refreshed in 2014 and still look really good. The headliner was replaced in 1998 and is clean and in good general condition. The seats' underlying foam is comfortable and retains its shape like new. The seat coverings are clean and show little wear. The carpet is rich and looks very nice - even the most used areas around the floor in front look really good.

PANEL - 6.5/10 N2626R has a dated but fully functioning IFR-capable instrument panel featuring a standard 6-pack layout of primary instruments and an S-TEC 2-axis autopilot to ease the burden on cross-country flights. A Garmin GTX335 transponder provides ADS-B OUT, and a Garmin GDL50 covers ADS-B IN. ForeFlight and other chart-based apps can utilize a wireless signal from the GDL50 to display other ADS-B traffic in real-time. The Garmin GNC250 NAV/COM features a VFR-only GPS to compliment the data provided by the GDL50. USB plugs have been added to the panel so that charging an iPad or tablet is made easier. Fuel management is made easier with a Shaden Mini-Fuelflo system, a desirable upgrade to the 182.


EXTERIOR - 6/10 This Cessna 182's paint has overall good depth and shine, indicative of the aircraft always living in a hangar. The accent colors down the side of the fuselage are rich and look nice. The base color has some minor runs on the vertical tail surface.

The fiberglass forward cowling section shows some age with what appears to be paint cracks and chips around the area surrounding the prop and air inlets. At several locations on the cowling, struts and wings, there are what appears to be paint-patched areas which were repainted and don't quite match the primary body paint. These areas are not obvious unless you're up close and looking carefully. The left aileron has very minor deformities at each trailing end, but most would not regard this as an issue. Overall though, the trailing edges of all surfaces look good. Please carefully examine the detailed high-resolution images below to see examples of these minor defects.

One of the best upgrades you can make to a Cessna 182 is to upgrade to Monarch fuel caps - a fantastic way to help avoid water seeping into the fuel tanks from rain. The current owner upgraded N2626R's fuel caps to the Monarch type - these are detailed in the images below, please check them out.

Careful inspection of the top of the empennage and the left side surface of the rudder reveals some minor hail damage. Again, this is a cosmetic defect that's difficult to spot unless you look carefully. The detailed images below reveal these defects.

The plexiglas windshield and windows overall look really good. The rear window was recently replaced - most 182s of this vintage have hazy rear windows due to age, this one looks brand new!

Additional Features

Horton STOL Craft Kit
Madras Wingtips
Stene Fiberglass split cuffs
Whelen LED tail strobe
McFarlane flap skin and trailing edge stiffeners
McFarlane Flap Roller Kit
Bogert heavy duty electrical cables (STC)
Prop-Guard leading edge laminate (STC)
Articulating seats w/ McFarlane Seat Kit KT-2 (STC)
Cessna pilot seat stop kit (SK210-174)
New rear window
BAS shoulder harnesses (front)
Monarch Fuel Caps
Safe-T-Heat engine heater
Horiz Stab Abrasion Boots (2020)

During the pre-listing inspection and the deep logbook/documentation review, no concerning issues were found, inside or out of the aircraft. I am particularly impressed with how nicely this 182 has been maintained. The current owner has proactively addressed many issues inherent to a 182. Lots of work that's due on many 182s has already been done on this one. The engine TBO indicates it's about time to consider an overhaul, however with its fairly recent top overhaul and historically high compressions, this O-470-R is still running strong and shows no signs of needing a complete overhaul. N2626R is flown regularly, and is ready for its next owner to enjoy.

Gross Weight*: 2800 lbs
Empty Weight: 1806 lbs
Useful Load: 994 lbs
Annual Inspection Due: Aug 2024
Transponder Cert 91.413 Due: Aug 2025
Pitot Static Cert 91.411 Due: PENDING

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