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  • Price: $30,000
  • Make/Model: Europa Mono Classic/XS Europa
  • Power: Piston
  • Engines: 1 Engine
  • Listing ID: 6199403
  • Partner ID: 61817
  • Posted On: Jun 11, 2024
  • Updated On: Jul 3, 2024


Classic/XS 30000 or sensible offerReason:
After a long and very tortuous decision I have decided that my medical condition is such that I am hanging up my headset. I will NOT fly again on my licence.
I am an aircraft engineer not a salesman. There are items on my Europa that were planned for this year and enhancements for the future now not to be done by me. It is permitted to mid July 2024 and flyable (not flown since September 2023) it also can be/is an ongoing project.
I am a retired Flight Engineer and built the aeroplane (one owner) from the start.
It has always been dry hangered at The Enstone Flying Club.
I do not want to waste prospective buyers time and effort or make my anxiety worse. Value is indeterminate as no benchmarks are available but 40 45K are a suggested ballpark figures by other owners.
I m selling very undervalued as, sadly, I am so emotionally absolutely drained I want it gone just too much mental contortions to faff around demonstrating, haggling and bartering collect and NO mucking about drive away on trailer for 30K or sensible offer (Trailer extra)
Classic/XS Monowheel (Classic wings, XS fuselage)
(PFA) LAA serial Number: 247-12520
Europa Factory Kit number: 23
Initial kit purchase: 1993
Airframe Hours: 272
ZFW 915lb (due for a reweigh soon!)
MTOW 1370lb (Mod 52)
All MOD s, TADS s and such like completed and up to date.
Rotax 912 ULS
S/N: 4425390
Hours: 272

Airmaster 322 VP hub with Whirlwind blades
Hub Hours: 106
New Blade hours: 12
Instruments and Avionics:
Kanardia Horis 1 (set up as electronic all singing HSI), Kanardia Horis 2 (set up as electronic DI with Kanardia Magu remote magnetometer), Kanardia Indu RPM, Kanardia Indu Variometer.
Kanardia BLU/Kanja Bluetooth updater module .
TY91 8.33 Trig Radio
TT31 Transponder, TA50/TN72 Trig GPS, Trans Cal SSD120-(XX)N-RS232 Alt Encoder
(All above are certified equipment needing LAA Mod 17 paperwork to upgrade to SIL 1 SDL 1)
MGL Vega Engine Ts & Ps etc. (FF4 Fuel Computer & TP3 Indicator) Both just fitted.
TP3 & FF4 Need setting rechecked on scale limits, new fit.
FF4 Needs FF transducers (one in my bits box), new fit
FF4 Needs Fuel Qty display Transmitter fitting, plumbing in and calibrating (transmitter ready wired but not plumbed in)
Avalec fuel gauge (Needs recalibrating)
PS Engineering PMA 4000 intercom with integrated audio from items below:
SmartAss Fitted with independent ON/OFF and volume control.
Pilot Aware: Fitted with independent ON/OFF and volume control (Fully adjustable RAM mountings for two 8 tablets for map displays etc., they have integral cooling fans).
Power Flarm: Integrated through Pilot Aware
Garmin AERA 660 unit fitted in panel mounting (I do not use the Garmin, it was my previous GPS source for uncertified ADSB-OUT Garmin is not intuitive to my way of thinking!)
Cosmetic state:
Needs attention: the only items I did not physically do but got professionals to complete were the finish and upholstery.
Gell coat cracks in places, have repaired some in the past (not in my skill set)
Upholstery needs a little bit of TLC (again not in my skill set)
Oregon aero conformal foam seat squabs (leather covered)
Jobs I had planned for the future
Mod parts - In my bits boxes for my future years of enhancing the aeroplane:
Oil Thermostat (LAA SM12808)
Water thermostat (LAA SM12915). Includes connection for (fitted) carb heat water supply.
Ignitech complete replacement dual ignition system (LAA SM15703) in bits box
MGL FF4: Fuel flow (one transmitter in bits box) This gauge also gives a second fuel quantity display. (Qty transmitter see note above).
Notes & comments:
The aircraft was built to use MOGAS and the Mod 51 long range tank (this Mod was subsequently not allowed by LAA)
Ooops!! Had wheels-up some time ago. Engine/gearbox shock load checked by Rotax specialist Kevin Dilks of SAS. No faults found.
Complete new prop with Whirlwind blades fitted.
Subsequent prop damaged and blades replaced. Hub overhauled and NDT tested by Airmaster Europe, no faults found. Nylon drive unit checked (damage to drive unit would indicate an excessive load so none had been applied). All Whirlwind blades replaced as a set by the Airmaster factory in New Zealand. Balanced by the European Airmaster agent from Belgium, Dirk Oyen, on the aircraft (He is also a Europa Mono builder/flyer).
Stb Tailplane tight for removal and fitting
Mod 50 needs reworking!
Brakes need bleeding
Stuff: (a van load!!!)
I do not have derigging/rigging equipment. SJ is derigged and rerigged for the LAA Permit once a year with a hoist. This is not needed at other times so no problem, borrowing a dolly from another Mono owner has sufficed when needed in the past.
Always dry hangered
Full covers
Short, cockpit and engine cover
Loads of bit and pieces
Mountains of paperwork and documentation
USB s kicking about my office with up to date, older and long forgotten stuff
Masses of paperwork and documents in my workshop
Original build manuals etc.
Europa Factory Tech Topics??
Manuals for just about everything fitted and more
The aeroplane has not been flown since September 2023
Prospective buyers will need to arrange a for a qualified Europa Monowheel pilot (I am not now flying), and insurance etc. etc.

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