1998 Bell 407 in USA

1998 Bell 407 for Lease

  • Make: Bell
  • Country: United States
  • Model: 407
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1998
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 53211
  • Flight Time: 19673 hours


Offshore helicopter


Transponder - Garmin GTX 330
5-Station ICS
VHF/UHF Transceiver - Technisonic TFM 500
Advanced Control Head - Bluesky ACH 1000
ELT - Artex ME406HM
Hobbs Meter
Audio Controller
VHF COMM - Garmin GTR 225
NAV/COMM/GPS - Garmin GTN 650
Radar Altimeter - Garmin GRA 55
ADS-B - Garmin GDL 88H
TCAS - L3 Skywatch TRC 497


Seats: 5
Five (5) Blue Leather Passenger Seats with 4-Point Shoulder Harness
Helifab Cabin Floor Protectors
Hat Rack Cargo Net
Hat Rack Cargo Net
Crew Floor Protectors - Helifab

Additional Features

AAI Crew Door Opener Kit
AAI Baggage Extender
Baggage Wall/Floor protector - Kydex
Air COMM Heater / Defroster
Oil Cooler Support Kit
Oil Cooler Cowl Scoops
AAI Flite Steps
AAI Crosstubes - FWD & AFT
AAI Tail Rotor Pedal Lockout Kit
Copilot Tail Rotor Pedals
Donaldson AFS Intake Filter
Precise Flight Pulselight
Marker Beacon - Dukane
AAI Tail Rotor Lockout Kit
Floatation System with Landing Gear
AAI Passenger Door Opener Kit
AAI Preflight Steps - FWD & AFT
Rotor Brake
AAI Crew & Passenger Door Air Deflectors
Dual Controls - Provisions
Pedal Stop Kit
Dart Slant Avionics Panel
Bell Skids
AAI Folding Maintenance Step
Paravion Dzus Snow Deflector - Provisions
Lead Acid Battery - RG407A1
Wirestrike Protection Kit
AAI Folding Maintenance Step
Sideview Mirrors
AAI Locking Fuel Cap
Cargo Hook - Provisions