2015 3I 650TCNS in UK


  • Make: 3I
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Model: 650TCNS
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2015
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: CNS033
  • Registration No: G-CINC
  • Flight Time: 650 hours
  • Engine Time: 650 hours


This is a factory modified fully EASA aeroplane certified for night/ifr operations
The Sky Arrow is almost entirely made of carbon fibre in epoxy resin. Its single engine, fixed pitch pushing propeller, high wing with strut and T-tail characteristics make it an ideal and very cost-effective survey platform.
Aircraft modified and eligible for Aerial Work / EASA Pt SPO with 2 camera hatches


everythin totally up to date
Aircraft modified and eligible for Aerial Work / EASA Pt SPO with 2 camera hatches
• One previous owner. Commercial aerial survey use only under EASA Pt SPO Approval
• Always hangered
• CAMO Managed maintenance IAW LAMP


Mode S Transponder:
Garmin GTX 328
406 MHz / 121.5 MHz ELT: Artex 345


Seats: 2
Designed and manufactured in Italy by Magnaghi Aeronautica, the sleek and stylish Sky Arrow aircraft is unique and distinctive. From recreational flying to observation or sensor-equipped aerial work, its high wing, pushing configuration with a wrap-around canopy and a roomy, super-comfortable tandem seating allows for the widest range of utilizations.

Exterior Description

The 650 TCNS is the specialist survey aircraft variant, with two tandem seats, high wing, fixed gear, 100Hp, night VFR, certified FAR23/AC2311.
This aircraft has two camera hatches for certified use in environmental research, mapping and precision agriculture.

Additional Features

this Skyarrow is FULLY fitted out for aerial survey INCLUDING everything needed to start flying agricultural/environmental surveys