1983 Bell 206L3 in USA

1983 Bell 206 L3 for Sale or Lease

  • Make: Bell
  • Country: United States
  • Model: 206L3
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1983
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 51055
  • Flight Time: 22796 hours


Utility Configured Bell 206 L-3 helicopter equipped with Cargo Hook, Bambi Bucket Provisions, and NVG Modification.


Blind Encoder - SSD120
Hobbs Meter
VHF NAV/COMM/GPS - Garmin 430W
Chronometer - LC-2
Slave Control - Bendix King KA-51B
Flux Valve
Satellite Communication - Skywatch
Satellite Tracking - Spider 6
Transponder - Garmin 330 ES
Audio Panel - NAT AMS44
VHF COMM - Bendix King KY196A
HSI - Bendix King KI525A
Remote Gyro - Mid Continent KSG-102
ELT - Artex 406-4ME
Radar Altimeter - FreeFlight TRA 3500


Seats: 5
Four (4) Passenger Seats with 4-Point Shoulder Harness
Hat Rack Safety Net
Crew and Cabin Floor Protectors - HeliFab

Additional Features

Pulse Light - STC SH3319NM
AAI Baggage Door Opener
AAI FWD Crew Door Openers - LH & RH
AAI Pop-Out Chin Bubble Windows
AAI Skylights
AAI Pop Out Windows
AAI Locking Fuel Cap
Baggage Wall Protector
Concord Lead Acid Battery
Onboard Cargo Hook
AAI Tail Rotor Pedal Lockout Kit
AAI Step Handles
Side Mounted Safety Mirrors - LH & RH
AFS Intake Filter System
AAI High AFT Crosstube
Auto Relight System - Paravion
Heater / Defroster - AirComm
AAI Windshields
AAI Baggage Compartment Extender
AAI AFT Door Openers - LH & RH
AAI Interior Trim Panels
Marker Beacon - MB10
Baggage Floor Protector
Dual Controls
AAI Flite Steps
Bambi bucket Provisions
Aero Dynamix NVG Modification
AAI Fixed Step
Auxiliary Strobe Light & Power Supply
Dart Dual Mirror
AAI Skid Tubes - LH & RH