2011 Bombardier Global 5000 in USA

Bombardier Global 5000 for Sale

  • Make: Bombardier
  • Country: United States
  • Model: Global 5000
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2011
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 9430
  • Flight Time: 774 hours

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Extended Range Edition, Rolls Royce Corporate Care, Bombardier Smart Parts, Stunning Cosmetics


Inspection Status:
WARRANTY – Entry into Service Date - December 25, 2011
Primary Structure: 20 Years / 20,000 Hrs – Parts & Labor
Airframe & Systems: 5 Years / 5,000 Hrs – Parts & Labor
Avionics: 5 Years / 5,000 Hrs – Parts & Labor
Engines: 5 Years / 2,500 Hrs – Parts & Labor
APU: 5 Years / 3,000 Hrs – Parts & Labor Interior
Completion: 2,000 Flight Hours / 24 Months – Parts & Labor


Six 8" x 7" DU-­870 Color EFIS Displays, 2PFD/2 EICAS/2 MFD
Triple NZ-­2000 Integrated Flight Management System w/Cabin Video Feed
(2) GPS Honeywell GNSSU
(2) NAV Unit Honeywell RNZ-­851
(2) Radio Altimeter Rockwell Collins ALT-­4000
WX Radar Honeywell WU-­880
(3) FMS Honeywell CD-­820
(3) IRS Honeywell Laser Ref IV
(3) VHF Honeywell RCZ-­833
(2) HF Rockwell Collins HF-­9031A
Cockpit Flight Recorder
Flight Data Recorder
Iridium ICG ICS-­100
Electronic Flight Instrument System
(EFIS) Bombardier Heads Up Flight Display System (HUD)
SATCOM Rockwell Collins SAT-­6100
(SRT -­ 2100B)
HST -­ 2110
Bombardier Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
EFB x2 Electronic Flight Bag/ OBDS Electronic Pilot Checklist
Cockpit Printer
Third VHF
Third FMS (Honeywell NZ2000)
Airborne Datalink System ADLS
Standby Analog Handset and Associated Jack
Dual Channel Iridium including lCG Jet Phone
Aerocom A3000B and ICS -­ 100 Telephone System
2 Winslow Life Rafts Model lll6FA -­ AV(SA) with DME SRB -­ 406 ELTs
Emergency Medical Oxygen


Seats: 13
This Global’s Main Cabin Offers Luxurious Seating for 13 passengers and is configured as follows:
Forward 4-Place Wide Club Chairs
Mid-Cabin 4-Place Conference Group Opposite a Credenza
Aft-Cabin two 3-Place Fully Berthing 16G Divans
Right and Left Hand Galley Annex
LED Interior Lighting
Conference Group High Low Table
Electric Window Blinds
Enhanced Sound Proofing
Forward Jump Seat and Crew Lavatory with Vacuum Flushing Toilet
Additional Window in Forward Lavatory
Mid-Cabin Divider Bulkheads with removable RHS Upper Bulkhead
Aft Lavatory with Vacuum Flushing Toilet & Ample Storage / Access to the Baggage Are

Exterior Description

Overall Matterhorn White Exterior with Gold Horizontal Accent Stripes

Additional Features

MTOW increase to 92,500 lbs. for Increased Range
Quick Access Recorder
EU OPS (JAR OPS 1 operations)
Main Entry Door Additional Airstair Stowage
Securaplane 500 Security System Integrated w/ Cameras (Fwd Belly, Quad & Vertical Stabilizer Fin)
Single Channel Swift Broadband
Paint inside gear doors
Polish cowling latches
Airshow World Map Package including Relative Location Indicator
Polish windshield frame
(4) 10.4 Inch Plug-in Touchscreen LCD Monitors as loose equipment
Polish rear bay door handle
Ipod Cradle Installation Quantity (2) with Audio/Video Capability
Honeywell Lightning Sensor
Exterior Logo Lights
Electronic Security System