1997 Cessna Citation VII in Washington

Aircraft Information

  • Make: Cessna
  • Country: United States
  • Model: Citation VII
  • State/Province: Washington
  • Year: 1997
  • City/Airport: Not provided


******************** NEW AIRCRAFT IN SERVICE - IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE *********************
Just five corporate owners since new. Exceptional condition inside and out with 2014 paint and partial interior. Enrolled on MSP Gold, no damage. Fill the tanks and fill the seats capability. Call today.* AFIS (Airborne Flight Information System)
* APR (Automatic Power Reserve)
* Baggage Heater
* Dual 44 AMP/HR Batteries
* Tail Floodlights
* Data Transfer Unit
* Battery Temperature Monitor
* Fuel Quantity Totalizer
* AOA with Indexer
* EROS Quick Donning Oxygen Masks
* 76 Cubic Foot Emergency Oxygen System