2006 Heli Sport Kompress in Poland

Aircraft Information

  • Make: Heli Sport
  • Country: Poland
  • Model: Kompress
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2006
  • City/Airport: EPNT
  • Serial No: 0133
  • Registration No: OK-LHA15
  • Flight Time: 410 hours
  • Engine Time: 410 hours


Italian 2 Seater Helicoper, ideal for recreational flying & personal transport. Very cheap to opperate. Excellent looking & performing machine. Always hangared, Amazing helicopter, really like new.
The only participant of aviation picnics in Poland. Just type in google OK-LHA15 and you will see various photos. Flies like a dream!
I would not sell it at all, but I need to change to 4 place helicopter.


In June, the helicopter underwent a very thorough review after 400 hours and after 12 years. It included: an engine, blades, M/R and T/R gear, frame and many more. The helicopter does not require any investment and is ready to fly. All maintenance SB&AD are current !


Anemometer, Altimeter, Variometer, Compass, Multiple engine temp. gauges, Tachometer motor-rotor, Map.
New radio with 8,33 kHz, Transponder with S mode !


Seats: 2

Exterior Description

She is in perfect condition and looks really great!

Additional Features

In addition, it is equipped with a cargo hook, an additional fuel tank and textile cover.