1944 Junkers Stuka in Austria


  • Make: Junkers
  • Country: Austria
  • Model: Stuka
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1944
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 110752


Junkers Ju87 D-3 “Stuka”

Engine parts:
1 Propellerspinner
1 remains of crashed spinner
1 VS11 propeller hub (Project D5)
2 water pumps Jumo 211
1 radiator Jumo 211
1 injection pump Jumo 211 incl. mounting brackets 1 crank case cover new
1 starter
2 magnetos
1 turbo charger
1 control unit turbo
1 generator
1 oil tank Jumo 211
Miscellaneous engine parts

Engine cowling and fuselage parts:
1 upper cowling comes with Ju-87D-Werknummer/Serial number
1bulkhead/fuselageframewithpartsofthemechanicofthe center hard point hardpoint
1 part of the hard point
Several boxes with smaller parts of the fuselage and control system

Instruments and cockpit equipment:
1 blind flying panel
1 bomb switch
1 switch box large
1 altimeter
1 compass FK38
1 temperature gauge
1 AFN2
1 electr. turn and slip coordinator
1 cockpit clock Junghans
1 dim switch
1 RPM gauge
1 cover of the starter switch
1 low fuel indicator lamp copy
1 emergency release handle copy
1 trimwheel
2 rudder pedals
1 pilot seat with head armor (Project D5)
1 rear sliding canopy

Landing gears:
2 main landing gears with mounting brackets in the wings (project D5)
1 main landing
2 main wheels (B/R)
1 tail wheel with hub and tire
1 tail wheel tire NOS

Wings and tail:
2 main wing spars front left and right
2 main wing spars rear left and right
2 flaps right
1 flap left
1 elevator left and right
1 fairing

Drawings and Documentation
9 large files containing hundreds of mainly unpublished pictures of existing Stukas, wrecks and parts, close ups etc., technical documentations of the airframe and engine
1 large file containing a set of drawings of the center section and certain components, re-engineered from existing wrecks and parts

1 armor plate of the pilot seat carrying an additional Ju-87 D Werknummer/Serial number
Smaller parts containing another Ju-87 B/R Werknummer/Serial number
1 prop hub VS11 NOS

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