1944 Messerschmitt Me 262 in Austria


  • Make: Messerschmitt
  • Country: Austria
  • Model: Me 262
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1944
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 110400


The Me 262 was not only the first operational jet-powered fighter but also the world’s first jet fighter to be produced in series. Serial production began in 1944 followed by introduction into service by Erprobungskommando 262 test unit. After its disestablishment, the unit was redesignated Kommando Nowotny. It drew its name from Major Walter Nowotny, German Luftwaffe Ace.
Kommando Nowotny was formed for establishing proper tactics for Messerschmitt Me 262. Based at Achmer and Hesepe, the unit attained operational status in October 1944. Nowotny realized that the use of dedicated protection-squadron of prop-driven conventional fighters as cover against the roaming Allied fighters was a necessity for the jets during take- off and landing because of maneuver difficulties and slow acceleration of the Me 262.
On 8 November 1944, during Adolf Galland’s inspection visit at Achmer, the unit took-off as a flight of bombers was reported. Four of its jets were shot down. The fourth aircraft to be lost on that day was Nowotny’s - this particular Me 262 A-1a, SN 110400. White 8 crashed at Epe, 2.5 kilometers east of Hesepe.

Most of the cockpit instruments
Pilot ́s seat
Control column
Rudder bar with pedals, brake cylinders and hydraulic lines Trim unit in the cockpit
Heated front window
A lot of levers and buttons
Oxygen hose
Rear canopy ejection bar
Fuselage rear section underneath the rear canopy Two fuselage sections in the left rear fuselage
Tank mounts in the fuselage
Trigger units in the gun compartment
Locks of the gun compartment
All of the accessory hole covers
Section of the hydraulic system next to the cockpit Oxygen bottles and rack in the fuselage
Oxygen vent in the fuselage
Power converter of the avionics
Tail section right
About half of the horizontal tail
Top of the rudder
Trim unit for the horizontal
Most of the control system in the tail
Inner structure of the vertical
T ail light
External power plug
Bottom panel in front of the wings
Hydraulic cylinder in the wings
Part of the gear door retraction system
Structural parts in the wings
Navigation lights
Smaller parts in the fuselage and wings
Engine nacelles are completely rebuilt including perfect engine
mockups (when you look into the openings you will see the
compressor wheels etc. – perfect for static display)
Two Riedel starter engines dismantled but included
Smaller parts in the engine nacelles including locks and
Both main landing gear struts including hydraulic cylinders,
hubs, tires
Front gear strut
Front wheel incl hub, tire, brake and brake line

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