1984 MiG 29UB in Utah

  • Price: $4,500,000

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MiG-29 Fulcrum for Sale

  • Make: MiG
  • Country: United States
  • Model: 29UB
  • State/Province: Utah
  • Year: 1984
  • City/Airport: Heber (HCR)
  • Serial No: 8000300313
  • Registration No: NX-229XX
  • Flight Time: 820 hours
  • Engine Time: 350 hours


4x low-time MiG-29s for sale. One MiG-29 UB (2-seat) Fulcrum is flyable and has FAA experimental AW cert and N-number (~820 hours total time), second Fulcrum UB can be made flyable easily (2-seat, must be uncrated & assembled), and two UAs (single seat) are parts birds. Asking $5.6M for all 4 aircraft and parts, $2.5M for each flyable MiG. Includes 4x engines (2 engines still in original sealed shipping containers) 2x Slotback 1 RADARs, 2x IRST systems, hot ejection seats. MX/Flt Logs included, no damage history.


The one flight-ready aircraft has been maintained by experienced maintainers, to military standards. All logs complete and included. No damage history. 4x low-time engines. Currently flying in the US on FAA experimental exhibition AWCs.


Standard mil-spec avionics, with IRST and Slotback-1 RADARs.


Seats: 2
2x Rare 2-seaters (MiG-29 UB) that are flyable. Hot ejection seats. 2x parts birds are single seat (MiG-29 U).

Exterior Description

One flyable has newer scheme paint. Always hangared.

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  • Matt Trebor
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  • MK Investments and Holding Corp
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