2006 Pipistrel Sinus in Ireland

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Pipistrel Sinus Max Specs

  • Make: Pipistrel
  • Country: Ireland
  • Model: Sinus
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2006
  • City/Airport: Galway
  • Registration No: EI-DZF
  • Flight Time: 800 hours
  • Engine Time: 800 hours


- Cruise speed of 200kph

- 15M wingspan with a glide ratio of 27:1

- 60 litre fuel tank allowing you to fly over 1000km on a single tank

- Sinus was the absolute winner of the World Championship WAG 2001 in Spain and came runner-up in 2005. In 2004 Sinus was the first light aircraft to fly around the World.

If buying from Abroad we can load and secure plane into container you arrange


Maintenance records. All performance by certified Rotax technician.

The plane is as new and is as clean as the day it was purchased.


- MGL Oddessy 10” Glass (Navigation, engine, flight gauge instruments all on one system)
- ATR 500 Radio and intercom
- ATC Transponder
- Analog gauges include air speed, volts, oil pressure, fuel pressure, vario with glide computer


Seats: 2
- Custom carbon fibre panel
- DV panel in door
- In flight adjustable rudder pedals
- 12v outlet (2x)
- Variable pitch and featherble propeller
- Large panel (Comes with small panel as well)
- Compass
- Rear luggage compartment in carbon fibre
- Blue seats with black harnesses
- Dual flight controls

Exterior Description

- Tie downs on wing
- TE Probe on tail
- Air brakes
- Lightweight carbon fibre fuselage
- Ballistic parachute system (Brings whole plane down)
- Wheel covers
- 15M wingspan

Additional Features

- Extra Battery
- Oil thermostat
- Tailored fit plane cover from Pipistrel
- Rotax 80HP engine
- Plane weighs 276KG

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