2006 Pipistrel Sinus in Ireland

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Pipistrel Sinus Max Specs

  • Make: Pipistrel
  • Country: Ireland
  • Model: Sinus
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2006
  • City/Airport: Galway
  • Registration No: EI-DZF
  • Flight Time: 800 hours
  • Engine Time: 800 hours


State of the Art

The Pipistrel Sinus motor glider's sleek lines and fully composite construction with a 15-meter wing span, which provide for a glide ratio touching 1:30 will convince also the more demanding pilot in you. Being equipped with high-tech features such as flaperons, airbrakes and variable-pitch propeller enables the Sinus to excel at everything you put her through. She is easy to handle both in the air and on the ground


Fast cross country flights to destinations 500 nautical miles and further away doing more than 110 kts are a reality with Sinus, even while burning around 11 liters of automotive fuel (mogas) or avgas per hour. Unbeatable efficiency! No other motor glider or ultralight comes close.

Controls & Instrumentation

The Sinus's comfortable cockpit has a side-by-side seating arrangement with all the controls reachable to both pilots (optional). The pedals can be adjusted to suit your body size in just seconds even in flight. The large, ergonomically shaped, instrument panel has enough room to fit all the bits and you would wish to have beside the Dynon digital flight display, which monitors all flight- and engine parameters and comes standard with the aircraft.

The Sinus microlight motor glider claimed the World Champion title at World Air Games 2001 in the category of two-seat microlight aircraft for Pipistrel?


Maintenance records. All performance by certified Rotax technician.

The plane is as new and is as clean as the day it was purchased.


- Gliding Vario pitch prop
- TE Probe on tail


Seats: 2
- Carbon fibre luggage compartment
- Custom carbon fibre panel
- 10” Enigma Glass Cockpit
- DV panel in door

Exterior Description

- Lightweight carbon fibre fuselage
- Ballistic Parachute System (Brings whole plane down on parachute)
- Large panel (Comes with small panel as well)

Additional Features

- Extra Battery
- Oil thermostat
- Tailored fit plane cover from Pipistrel

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