2006 Pipistrel Sinus in Galway

Pipistrel Sinus Motorglider

  • Make: Pipistrel
  • Country: Ireland
  • Model: Sinus
  • State/Province: Galway
  • Year: 2006
  • City/Airport: Galway (Galw)
  • Serial No: Sinus254
  • Registration No: EI-DZF
  • Flight Time: 412 hours
  • Engine Time: 412 hours


Plane specific features

Rotax 912 ULS
Variable pitch and featherable prop
MGL Oddessy 10” Glass (Navigation, engine, flight gauge instruments all on one system)
ATR 500 Radio and intercom
ATC Mode S Transponder
Analogue gauges include airspeed, volts, oil pressure, fuel pressure
Cambridge Vario with glide computer
TE Probe on the tail
BRS (Ballistic parachute system)
Removable screw-in wing tie-downs
Air brakes
Lightweight carbon fibre fuselage
Wheel spats
15M wingspan
Large custom carbon fibre panel
DV panel in door
Air Vents in doors
Dual flight controls
In-flight adjustable rudder pedals both sides
Independent toe brakes both sides
12v outlet (2x)
Cabin heat
Large panel enclosure(comes with the small enclosure as well)
Rear luggage compartment in carbon fibre
Blue seats with black harnesse
Extras Include

2x Propellers (New)
Fully fitted plane cover for wings, fuselage and tail. Allows moisture out and not in. Purchased from Pipistrel
2 x Carb Rebuild kits
Plug and play fuel pump, no need to fill via wings
Wing stands – if needing to store the plane in small area
Why as Sinus?

Best fuel efficiency and best range – less than 10L per hour of regular unleaded
Short field performance – I am happy landing in to 165m strip (once experienced)
Excellent gliding performance – 15M wings, 1:28 glide ratio
Safety – Entire cockpit is a safety zone made of kevlar andcarbon fibre. This model is also equipped with a ballistic parachute rescue system.
Worlds best – The sinus is best in class, hands down, the sinus holds a multitude of world records, including the first light aircraft to ever fly around the world.
Removable wings – You can remove/fit the wings within 15 minutes, really.


Full engine service completed May 2021


MGL Odyssey 10" Screen
Cambridge Vario and Glide Computer
TE Probe
Mode S Transponder
Analogue instruments


Seats: 2

Additional Features

Variable pitch featherable prop
Carbon fibre spars and fuesalage
Rotax 912
1:28 glide ratio
Cabin Heat