2008 Robinson Clipper II in Akershus

Aircraft Information

  • Make: Robinson
  • Country: Norway
  • Model: Clipper II
  • State/Province: Akershus
  • Year: 2008
  • City/Airport: Ski
  • Serial No: 12250
  • Registration No: LN-OWA
  • Flight Time: 1240 hours
  • Engine Time: 1240 hours


well maintained Clipper 2 with Floats and Cargo Hook assembly,no accident, 7 hole panel, gray leather interior


12 year inspection is due 04/20, all other inspections are current. 100hr inspection due in juli .
Blades time out in January 2020.

Skytec AS at Torp airport (ENTO) has all the maintenace on this aircraft. This is the best Robinson Facility in Norway.


Standard 7 hole panel, approved topmounted Garmin GPS (data not current)


Seats: 4
grey leather, very good condition

Exterior Description

orange with no stripes

Additional Features

Cargo Hook
EASA approved gps mount