1986 Socata TB-30 in California


  • Make: Socata
  • Country: United States
  • Model: TB-30
  • State/Province: California
  • Year: 1986
  • City/Airport: San Luis Obispo (KSPB)
  • Serial No: 56
  • Registration No: N656TB
  • Flight Time: 4268 hours
  • Engine Time: 1074 hours


1986 Socata Epsilon TB-30. 202 kt cruise/281 kt VNE French Air Force primary trainer. 300 HP Lyc. AEIO 540, Hartzell CS prop. Aerobatic, tandem seat, retractable gear w/ aerobatic inverted systems and fully complimented dual inst. panels. Released from military 2017. Certified in Experimental Exhibition category. This serial number and 2 others available & currently in inventory (805) 594-0726 info@epsilontb-30.com


KSD 100EXP (x-Vue Touch), 100 EXP Control Panel, KSN 770 Integrated Navigator, KG 71 EXP ADAHRS, KX-165A NAV COM, w/KI206 Indicator, KT 74 Mode S Transponder, KGX130 Traffic & Weather Receiver, KGX Wifi Module, KMA0030 Audio Panel w/Bluetooth and Stereo Inputs /Outputs in both cockpits, KTP 73 OAT Probe, KMG-7010 Magnetometer, Repeater Indicator, RS232 Splitter, VOR NAV Splitter RAMI-AV-585, 2 King KA-61
L-Band Antennae


Seats: 2

Additional Features

Max Level Speed 202 kts VNE 281 kts
Engine 300 HP Lycoming AEI0 540L
Prop: Hartzell CS 78"
Gross Weight 2,755 Ibs.
Empty Weight 2,046 Ibs.
G Limits +6.75G/ -3.35G
Inverted Flight Duration 2 min.
Fuel (useable) 55.4 gallons
Wing span 26' Length 24.9' Height 8.6'
Dual Annunciator Panels
Individually Switched Taxi and Landing Lights
Dual RMI’s
2 Electric Artificial Horizons Stall Warning System Audio patched into Audio Panel
Dual Audio Panels w/Intercom
Gear Warning System Audio
UV Panel Lighting
Nicad Battery
Battery Overtemp Warning System
Dual G Meters
Baggage Compartment
Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
Inverted Fuel & Oil Systems
Dual Vibrating Altimeters
APU Plug
Dual Fuel Flow Indicators
Dual Flap Position Ind.
Pitot Heat
Dual OAT Indicators
Canopy Alert System
Dual Voltmeters
Alternate Static Source
Dual Clocks
Dual EGT Indicators
Dual CHT Indicators
Dual VSI’s
Dual Airspeed Indicators
Electric Flaps
Elec./Hyd.Actuated Landing Gear
Emergency Gear Extension System
Seat Height Adjustable
Rudder Pedal Depth Adjustable
3 Strobes (Linked, wingtips & tail)
5 Point Seat Belts