1940 Stearman PT-13D/N2S-5 in Switzerland

Boeing Stearman PT-13D/N2S-5

  • Make: Stearman
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Model: PT-13D/N2S-5
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 1940
  • City/Airport: Not provided
  • Serial No: 75-5346
  • Registration No: HB-RBG
  • Flight Time: 4430 hours
  • Engine Time: 190 hours


This two-seater biplane has been developed by Stearman Aircraft Company in 1933. Although it said to be technically outdated already back then, the US Army and US Navy was looking for a new standard trainer aircraft and ordered this simple but robust biplane. Till the end of the Second World War, 10’346 Stearmans has been manufactured by Boeing. At that time, almost every American pilot completed his basic training on this aircraft. After the war, many retired Stearman planes have been used as agricultural aircraft. In this way, around 2’000 exemplars survived till 60’s.

This HB-RBG has been delivered by Boeing to the Argentine Marines (type 76D) and served there for 20 years as a combat trainer. After its time as a tow plane, the aircraft first flew in Switzerland in 1989 and became a symbol of the Aviation Museum Altenrhein where the plane is located since 1991.


VHF 8.33Khz
406Mhz ELT


Seats: 2

Exterior Description

U.S. Navy livery (N2S-5)

Additional Features

450 HP engine
Original cockpit
Inverted flight
4 allerons
Smoke system
2 new parachutes