1990 Sukhoi Su-27B in Utah

Su-27UB (2-seat) For Sale in U.S.

  • Make: Sukhoi
  • Country: United States
  • Model: Su-27B
  • State/Province: Utah
  • Year: 1990
  • City/Airport: Provo (PVU)
  • Serial No: T-10UP
  • Registration No: NXRAX
  • Flight Time: 599 hours
  • Engine Time: 429 hours


Product type - T-10UP;
Engine product 99V (AL-31F) – Nomenclature 1711001029;
Engine product 99V (AL-31F) – Nomenclature 1711001029;
Commissioned (date) – 28.06.1990;
Total airframe time (hours) - 599 hours 39 minutes;
Overhaul life (hours/years): 700 hours/8 years;
Assigned service life (hours/years): 3000 hours/20 years;
Residual resource by hours – 2401 hours.

Overhaul is due based on 8 year overhaul limit.

Aircraft will be disassembled and loaded on a plane to Lviv for overhaul after signing a contract and receiving payment. The transport will be calculated in addition to the price.


Maintained IAW OEM guidance and military MX practices. Due for overhaul, but asking price includes disassembly, shipment to Lviv for overhaul, and shipment to U.S.




Seats: 2

Exterior Description


Additional Features

Will be demilitarized unless justification can be provided, such as supporting gov contract.