2011 TL-Ultralight Sting RG in Hungary

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Tl-Sting S4 Rg 2011 Perfect

  • Make: TL-Ultralight
  • Country: Hungary
  • Model: Sting RG
  • State/Province: Not provided
  • Year: 2011
  • City/Airport: Budapest/Tököl (LHTL)
  • Serial No: 11ST361
  • Registration No: HA-NAI
  • Flight Time: 650 hours
  • Engine Time: 750 hours


Excellent instrumented for international cruising flights
retractable gear
increased capacity oil cooler, and cabin heating,
tinted canopy, with 2 sides fresh air flow windows
factory upgraded canopy locks (3locks system),
increased strobe lights
Woodcomp KW-21W triple blad oil regulated constant speed prop.
Cloth cover canopy
Large tanks: 110 liter
Summarized: Immaculate perfect plane ready for international flights


Permanent maintenance, with logbook (airframe, engine, prop.)
parachute repacked
all oil, water, and fuel pipes changed
The plane is just after inspection


DynonSkyview double glass cocpit + Avmap glass cocpit,
S-mode transponder
Trig 8,33 Radio
ELT newest homologation, with precision local identification through DynonSkyview
Flarm local position monitoring system,
USB dual connector


Seats: 2

Exterior Description


Additional Features

We use the plane for hobby flights to Italy, England, and all-around countries on FL80-110, Very comfortable, and pleasure plane, easy to fly. Cheap operation. The airframe is very strong due to the full carbon system.

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