2018 flyARGO Gyrocopter X in Warsaw

2 and 4 seater gyrocopter from flyARGO

  • Make: flyARGO
  • Country: Poland
  • Model: Gyrocopter X
  • State/Province: Warsaw
  • Year: 2018
  • City/Airport: Warsaw


The X2 and X4 gyrocopters thanks to their affordable purchase price and low operating costs are an ideal proposition for both flying schools and individual customers.

They meet the most stringent standards of the German Civil Aviation Authority DAEC.

MTOW : 560 kg
Maximum Speed : 195 km/h
Maximum Altitude : 5500 m
Fuel Type and Quantity : A95 / 84L
Range : 640 km

Take off distance : 100 - 150 m
Landing distance : 0 - 5 m

The gyrocopter's cabin is made of carbon fiber in the Monocoque technology. This structure makes the gyroplane X a symbol of safety and individuality among similar aircraft and a class in itself. Its design emphasizes dynamism even while remaining still. Whoever takes a seat at the controls of X will know only one direction: ahead

Also Available, X2 BLACK and X4 CLUB (4 seater) , Please inquire for more information on pricing and specs


Seats: 2

Additional Features

Contact for more information on additional features that can be equipped