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  • Price: Call for Price
  • Year: 1994
  • Make/Model: Ruschmeyer R90-230-RG
  • Registration Number: D-EYHL
  • Power: Piston
  • Engines: 1 Engine
  • Class: Personal Transport
  • Listing ID: 4558400
  • Partner ID: 58535
  • Posted On: Feb 23, 2024
  • Updated On: Mar 29, 2024


One of the best R90 !
Used single engine, four seat, cruising aircraft (JAA and FAA certified) RUSCHMEYER R90-230RG according to JAA Kennblatt 1082. FAA Type certificate A77EU, SN 016, build 1994, TT ~1150 h,4-blade MT-constant speed propeller, retractable landing gear and steer able nose wheel. ARC due 11.2022, Aircraft always hangared and as good as new !

Airplane time state:
TTAF 12/2023 next 12/2024 Hours since TTAF 8

ManufacturerLycoming (UL91 certified)
Rating172 kW @ 2400 rpm
Recommended TBO 12 years/2000 h
Total Time:only ~336h since OHV
Condition:General overhauled 05/2010
all piston balanced out ! (oc)
Alternator 28 Volts, 70 Amp
Battery, 24 Volt 18 Amp/h
Standard starter electric 24 V
Vacuum pump system
Oil separator for clean fuselage
Low noise exhaust system
Fuel pump electric
TypeMTV-14-B, composite four blade
constant speed
Condition:Propeller overhauled in 09/2007 at 733h
and dynamically balanced


Avionics IFR
Garmin GMA 340 Audiopanel incl. intercom
Garmin 530 COM/NAV/GPS
Garmin 430 COM/NAV/GPS
Garmin GTX 330 Transponder Mode S

Flight Instruments
1 Altimeter encoding
1 Compass, magnetic (lighted)
1 Indicator airspeed
1 Indicator vertical speed
1 Indicator Turn/Bank (electric)

KING KG 258 Gyro Horizon
KING KI 525A slaved Directional Gyro (HSI)
ME 406 MHz ELT
TAS 600 TCAS (connected to Garmin 530)
KING KAP 150 Autopilot incl. Flight Director
and altitude pre-selector KAS 297

Interior lights
Annunciator panel with variable intensity
Instrument panel with variable intensity
White reading lights at front seats, variable intensity
Red cockpit lights at front seats , variable intensity

Engine Instruments
JPI EDM 900, build in 2016 incl. FF-Comp. CHT,EGT,MAP,RPM,OAT,etc.
Fuel quantity gauge LH+RH
Analogue-Fuel Flow and Manifold Indicator
Digital RPM-Indicator with magneto indicator and h-recording


Exterior lights
LED-Anti-collision lights
LED-Dual landing lights
LED-Dual taxi lights

Additional Features

Fuel-& Oil-hose TEFLON (on condition)
Hydraulic-& Break-hose(Rubber, due 2030)
Seat belts renewed 08/2006 (oc)
Avionic master and emergency switch
Stop watch
Pitot heating system
Electric stall warning system
First aid kit with fastening inside baggage compartment
Ground service plug (external power)
4-adjustable head-restraint
Sun visor leather
Chrome plated propeller spinner
Digital OAT indicator
Receptacle tow bar with fastening inside baggage compartment
Aileron and elevator lock
Baggage compartment light
Fastening system at baggage compartment floor
Pitot cover
2 Jack pads wing
2 tie down rings

Power172 KW (230HP) @ 2400rpm
Max ramp weight1350 kg2976 lb
Empty weigh ~950 kg2017 lb
Fuel capacity250 L55 US gal
Usable Fuel236 L51,92 US gal
Wingspan9,50 m31,2 ft
Overall length7,93 m26,0 ft
Height2,73 m9,0 ft
Wing area12,94 m 139 sq ft
Wing loading(max)104 kg/m 21,4 lb/sq ft
Cabin width115 cm45 in
Cabin height124 cm49 in
Cabin length286 cm112 in
Baggage capacity50 kg/0,8 m /110 lb
Stall speed58 kt
Best rate of climb (at MTOW)1140 fpm
Service ceiling20.000 ft
Take of over 50 ft (at MTOW)520 m1706 ft
Landing over 50 ft (at MTOW)480 m1574 ft
Max noise according Capt. X72 dB(A) best of all AC !
At max take off weight of 1350 kg / 2976 lb
Max level speed at 100% power175 kt
(Best economy)Altitude (ft)True airspeed(kt)Fuel Flow(l)Range(NM)Endurance
85600016858~51550 +3,4 h +
75800016554~47605 +3,7 h +
65900015645~38675 +4,4 h +
55900014439~32745 +5,2 h +
45900013031~24820 +6,3 h +
38300011026~20870 +7,8 h +

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