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Aircraft Details

  • Price: $2,995,000
  • Year: 1968
  • Make/Model: Bell 205A-1++ Bell
  • Registration Number: C-GFHW
  • Power: Turbo Shaft
  • Engines: 1 Engine
  • Listing ID: 3066100
  • Partner ID: 72379
  • Posted On: Jun 5, 2023
  • Updated On: Mar 14, 2024


19,655 TTSN
Engine: Lycoming T53-17A
3,352 Hours Remaining to Overhaul
5,000 Hour TBO


AMS-43H Audio Controller/Intercom #1
AMS-43 Audio Controller/Intercom #2
Becker AR-3209-11-110 VHF #1
Becker AR-3209-11-110 VHF #2
Becker ATC-3401 Transponder
Sandia SAE-35 Encoder
Technisonic TFM-550G FM Radio
Garmin GPS-400 GPS #1
Garmin GPS-400 GPS #2
Teledyne Engine Monitoring System
Onboard Electronic Weight System
Skynode Tracking System S200
Meggit Smoke Detectors
Whelen Loudhailer
Satelite Phone
Hour Meter
Kannad 406AF ELT


Utility Interior Configuration
204 Style L/H Crew Seat
L/H and R/H 2 Man Seats with Belts and Shoulder Harnesses
4 and 5 Man Seats with Belts and Shoulder Harnesses
Floor Protectors


Silver and Blue with Maroon Accent Stripes

Additional Features

Bell 212 Main & Tail Rotor Blades
Dual Controls (removable)
Cargo Hook Bumper
C/P Emergency Cargo Hook Release
Dual Mirror Installation
Eagle Bear Paws
Dart Skid Tubes
Onboard Load Cell & Clevis
Dart Heli-Access Step L/H & R/H
Vertical Reference Door
Push Out Windows
AAI Chin Bubble Window - R/H Only
Wire Strike Protection System
Emergency Light Modification
Cargo Suspension Unit
Dual Concorde Batteries
Dart Dual Battery Box
Dual Electric Boost Pumps
AFS Inlet Barrier System
Belts AA FWD Crosstube
Dart Rear Cross Tube
Door Modification Kit
Adjustable Engine Mounts
Fuel Purge Canister
Position Light Installation (Pulselight)
Dual Landing Lights
Flight Manual

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