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  • Price: Call for Price
  • Year: 1953
  • Make/Model: de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk Mk 20
  • Registration Number: F-AZNS
  • Power: Piston
  • Engines: 1 Engine
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  • Posted On: May 27, 2024
  • Updated On: May 28, 2024


F-AZNS, manufacturer serial number C1-0942, is a British built DHC-1 Chipmunk, mark 20, the military export version.

This prize winning complete restoration has put back in the air a machine with a unique history. The Restoration was made in compliance with French regulations covering historic aircraft. Certificat de Navigabilit d un A ronef de Collection (CNRAC).
Built in October 1953, F-AZNS was taken on charge in February 1954, by the Royal Egyptian Air Force (REAF) of King Farouk and assigned the serial number 1655.
As far as is known, it is the only survivor of the 56 Chipmunks sold to Egypt and the only aeroplane flying today, which served in the REAF.
De Havilland drawings for the REAF order and paint traces on the structure were used to document the restoration to its original colours.
One of only two aircraft, in flying condition in the world, that were present in theatre of action during Suez war of 1956 and the only one flying in Europe.
The airframe bore traces of damage sustained when attacked on the ground during that war. In respect of its historical background, where these traces did not impact flight safety, they were retained.
Probably withdrawn from service before 1958, when Egypt changed their air force markings, it was photographed in a semi derelict state in a mechanics school in Egypt in 1986.
Restored between 1999 and 2018, it first flew again in April 2018.

The restoration spanned 18 years and required 5200 hours of professional quality work. Missing or damaged parts were replaced with new or serviceable components matching the de Havilland parts list. All components with fatigue life limitations were replaced with new parts.

F-AZNS has received several awards, both national and international, for the quality of its restoration made respecting its historical significance.

2018 Prize for best restoration of the year, awarded by the OSAC.
OSAC is the organisation delegated by the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority). Among other tasks, it inspects restored aircraft prior to authorising test flying.

2019 Prize for best restoration, Euro Fly-In, awarded by the F d ration RSA.
The F d ration RSA is the French national association supporting amateur built aeroplanes as well as the restoration and operation of heritage aircraft.

2019 GIFAS Cup (First Prize) Grand Prix du Patrimoine, organised by the A roclub de France.
The Grand Prix du Patrimoine is an annual competition designed to encourage the preservation of significant aviation heritage material. The A roclub de France is the French national association governing sport aviation.

2019 Phoenix DIploma for Restoration, awarded by the F d ration A ronautique Internationale.
Only one diploma is awarded each year by the FAI. Each member country may submit only one candidate per year. In 2019, F-AZNS represented France.

Airplane time state:
Airframe : It has flown a total of 57 hours since rebuild to zero time condition.
All components with fatigue life limitations were replaced with new parts:
Remaining potential:
Fuselage centre section lower tie bar 29943 hours
Port & Starboard wing root inserts 21943 hours
Port & Starboard wing attachment links 14943 hours
Port & Starboard wing upper attachment bolts 14943 hours
Port & Starboard wing lower attachment bolts 14943 hours
Tail plane attachment brackets 9927 hours

Engine : Gipsy Major 10-2. It has run 61 hours since overhaul to zero time condition.
Oil scraper ring modification to the pistons installed.
Four new connecting rods fitted.
Carburettor and both magnetos overhauled by specialist companies.
New vacuum pump fitted.
Remaining potential : on condition

Propeller: Fairy Reed A66753 metal propeller, operated 61 hours since inspection, next inspection due in 239 hours (due every 300 hours).
Remaining potential : on condition.


Radio Trig TY91 8.33 kHz including intercom
Transponder Trig TT21 Mode S


Flight controls : All cables, pulleys and bearings replaced with new parts.
Electrical system : The system was completely rewired to the original specification with missing, damaged or unserviceable components replaced by new items. Two new GILL 7035-26 batteries were installed.
The electric starter, part of the original Mark 20 specification has been replaced.
Instruments were serviced and two new P11 compasses replaced the missing items.
New four-point seat harnesses have been installed.
New seat cushions to de Havilland drawings were fabricated.


Undercarriage : New rubber components installed,
new wheel rims, tyres and inner tubes fitted to main and tail gear legs,
new wheel bearings installed;
brake discs and main gear sliding tubes replated with hard-chrome.
Canopy & Windscreen : All transparent parts and seals replaced with new items. All cables in opening mechanism replaced with new parts.
Fabric areas were recovered with Dacron. The aircraft was repainted and markings added, following de Havilland drawings for the REAF order.

Additional Features

Fuel tank capacity increased from 2 x 9 imperial gallons to 2 x 12 imperial gallons according to de Havilland Modification H88. Total capacity is now 109 litres.

Extensive historical and technical documentation accompanies the aircraft.

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