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  • Price: $1,695,000
  • Year: 2010
  • Make/Model: Piper PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian
  • Registration Number: 2-JACK
  • Power: Turboprops
  • Engines: 1 Engine
  • Class: Personal Transport
  • Listing ID: 3814146
  • Partner ID: 57440
  • Posted On: Oct 11, 2023
  • Updated On: Feb 20, 2024


900h AFTT | 900h PT6A-42A | 900h 4 blade Hartzell propeller and 600h SOH | G1000NXi, GSR56, SVT, SurfaceWatch, DME, ADSB-In/Out

Airplane time state:
Total time of 900h SNEW in 05/2010.

One P&WC PT6A-42A with 500shp and 900h SNEW in 05/2010.

Four blade Hartzell HC-E4N-3Q propeller installed with 900h SNEW in 05/2010 and 600h SOH in 07/2017.


Autopilot: Garmin GFC 700 incl. Yaw Damper (Digital Auto Pilot)
PFD/MFD: Garmin G1000NXi featuring SVT, Surface Watch, Jeppesen Charts, Weather Radar, SAT weather, Traffic, SafeTaxi, Stormscope, Terrain and Obstacles
Garmin Flight Stream 510 for Bluetooth FPL transfer from iPad to Garmin G1000NXi
2 x COM/NAV: Garmin GIA 63W with 8,33kHz spacing (integrated in Garmin G1000NXi)
Traffic: King KTA 870 (active Traffic System) displayed on G1000NXi
Weather radar: Garmin GWX 68 with vertical profile displayed on MFD
SAT weather: Garmin GSR 56 displayed on G1000NXi
Stormscope: BF Goodrich WX500 displayed on G1000NXi
DME: King KN 63
ADF: King KR 87
2 x Audio: Garmin GMA 1347
ELT: Artex 406mHz
2 x Transponder: Garmin GTX 345DR Mode S (ADSB-In and Out) and Garmin GTX 335R Mode S (ADSB-Out)

Additional Features:

Air Conditioning
Standby Instruments
Dual Flight deck USB Charger
Compressor Wash Ring
Quick Donning Oxygen Mask
Additional Crew Oxygen Bottle
Garmin TAWS-B enabled
Factory Corrosion Protection
LoPresti Boom Beam HID Taxi and Landing Light
Electric Rudder Trim
Upgraded Engine Breather/Exhaust Mod
New Style Battery


Original interior from 2010 in dark khaki leather in good condition. All 6 seats are completely covered to protect from any wear and tear.

Spacious cabin |4 PAX seats | Club seating configuration | Executive writing table | Reading lights | Seat recline | Intercom for every seat


Original paint from 2010 in Piper first star white, phantom grey metallic, wine metallic and diamond silver metallic in good condition.

Additional Features

Ownership Status:

The present owner is the 4th owner in total. The aircraft was sold new from factory to its first owner on the Isle of Man in 07/2010 and M registered. The first owner then sold it to its second owner in 05/2015 residing on the Channel Islands, Guernsey and 2-REG registered. The 3rd owner, a Swiss company, then purchased this Meridian in 08/2017 and sold it in 03/2022 to the present 4th owner, a French company. The aircraft is under CAMO, all logbooks are available SNEW. It is being maintained on behalf of an experienced Malibu Meridian maintenance facility. Minor damage history due minor prop strike flight idle power , occurred in 01/2011 with total time of 60h when taxiing off the taxi-way. First owner back then tried to pull aircraft out of the wet grass whilst attaching it to the tail hook, this however damaged the tail hook. Propeller had been overhauled and bulkhead frame assembly (none pressurized area) replaced with new. In 01/2021, the Aircraft with total time of 645h sat down on its tail due to heavy snow on the stabilizer whilst the owner was on holiday. Tail hook has been damaged again and the bulkhead frame assembly has been replaced with a new and affected airframe skin has been repaired. Repaired according to Piper factory instructions. Hangar rash occurred in 07/2023 damaging the top of the rudder whilst hangaring the Aircraft. Rudder is being replaced with completely factory new rudder parts off/parts on replacement. Work Report and pictures available upon request.

Information about Piper Malibu Meridian:

The Piper Malibu Meridian is a suitable aircraft to enter the world of turbo prop flying with a pressurized cabin, being able to achieve satisfying cruising speeds anywhere between FL200 and FL290. The spacious cabin offers enough space for four passengers with an aft baggage compartment. Single executive writing table is installed on right hand side. It is definitely the right investment to travel in a pressurized cabin in high altitudes achieving satisfying cruising speeds and being able to achieve great take-off and landing performance. Operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower compared to bigger multi engine piston planes and operating in a much safer environment in icing conditions with an existing FIKI certification.

Performance Parameters and W&B Status:

Cruises FL290 | 267KTAS | using 39GAL/h | Initial climb rate 1800fpm | FL290 in 29 minutes

MRW 2328kg/5134bs
MTOW 2310kg/5092Ibs
EW 1580kg/3483Ibs
MUL 748kg/1649Ibs
MUF 643l/170GAL
PFF 234kg/517Ibs

Maintenance Status:

10/2016 performed 120M hydrostatic oxygen bottle test
07/2017 performed 72M/4000h propeller overhaul
08/2017 performed Garmin GSR56 SAT Weather installation
11/2017 performed 500h fuel strainers inspection
02/2019 performed 120M airborne check valve 1H37 replacement
12/2020 performed 300h oxygen system inspection
12/2020 performed 60M tail cone corrosion inspection
08/2021 performed 84M/2000h aircraft structure inspection
12/2021 performed 60M oxygen bottle regulator overhaul
12/2021 performed 24M/400h fuel purge system inspection and cleaning
12/2021 performed 400h fuel nozzles check
12/2021 performed 120M oxygen generators replacement
12/2021 performed Garmin G1000NXi upgrade incl. ADSB-In/Out, FS510 and SufaceWatch
10/2022 performed 500h MLG actuator upper attach bolt inspection
10/2022 performed 500h cabin pressurization system test
10/2022 performed 500h engine oil scavenge filter cleaning
10/2022 performed 24M pitot static system inspection
10/2022 performed 500h flight test gear warning horn
10/2022 performed compressor and turbine wash
10/2022 performed 72M/4100h FCU overhaul
10/2022 performed annual/Event I+II inspection
04/2023 performed main battery RG41 replacement
05/2023 performed USB charger replacement
All mandatory AD and SB complied with, aircraft under CAMO

Fresh Event I + II/annual inspection from 02/2024

Cruises FL290 | 267KTAS | using 39GAL/h | Initial climb rate 1800fpm | FL290 in 29 minutes

EU Company owned.

Video Tour:

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